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The Complete Guide to MediationBuilding a Successful Collaborative Family Law Practice
(2018, Approx. 300 pages, ISBN: 978-1-64105-241-2)

Available August 2018

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Forrest S. Mosten and Adam B. Cordover, Editors

“This book provides a roadmap for those who have been trained in collaborative practice and want a resource to help build a sustainable flow of collaborative cases and of out-of-court settlement work … This book provides a wide resource of those steps; steps that can be applied not only by lawyers but by all professionals who work in the Collaborative model.”

From the Foreword by Nancy Cameron

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Unbundled Legal ServicesUnbundled Legal Services: A Family Lawyer’s Guide

This book’s focus on family law practitioners is particularly appropriate given the unique promise that unbundling holds for family law litigants. In many jurisdictions, self-representation rates are highest in family cases. But, as any family law attorney (or family court litigant) knows, these are the case types that arguably benefit most from attorney involvement. Family issues are among the most sensitive and pressing matters that enter our civil justice system, and the outcomes of these cases can affect entire families for years to come. This important new book provides a crucial step forward in matching individuals with the family law services they need.

2017, 7 x 10, Paperback or eBook, ISBN: 978-1-63425-921-7, List Price: $79.95; Author’s Price $64.95

Forrest S. Mosten and Elizabeth Potter Scully

“Unbundled Legal Services: A Family Lawyer’s Guide is a must have” handbook for any lawyer who is considering offering limited scope representation. Practical, thorough and filled with examples, it is an essential guide to one of the fastest growing areas of family law practice.”

M. Sue Talia
Author of ‘Unbundling Your Divorce: How to Find a Lawyer to Help You Help Yourself’

“Mosten and Scully have written the Unbundling Bible.”

Dr. Julie Macfarlane, Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Author of The New Lawyer and Director of Canada’s Self-Represented Litigants Project

This book is a comprehensive guide for lawyers who want to offer unbundled legal services. Doing this is trickier than it sounds and it entails some ethical and malpractice pitfalls, described in chapter 12. So anyone providing these services would be well-advised to get this book.

John Lande
Isidor Loeb Professor Emeritus
University of Missouri School of Law
Author of Lawyering with Early Planned Negotiation

The Complete Guide to MediationThe Complete Guide to Mediation:
The Cutting-Edge Approach to Family Law Practice

(Second Edition, ABA, 2015)

Forrest S. Mosten and Elizabeth Potter Scully

Collaborative Divorce Handbook: Effectively Helping Divorcing Families Without Going to CourtCollaborative Divorce Handbook:
Effectively Helping Divorcing Families
Without Going to Court

(Jossey-Bass, 2009)

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Forrest S. Mosten

The Mediation Career GuideThe Mediation Career Guide
(Jossey Bass, 2001)

Forrest S. Mosten

Unbundling Legal ServicesUnbundling Legal Services
(ABA, 2000)

Forrest S. Mosten

Calm in the Face of the Storm (2007)

Nan Waller Burnett

Making Divorce Work (2010)

Diana Mercer &
Katie Jane Wennechuk

The Mediation Process

Christopher W. Moore

The Promise of Mediation

Robert A. Baruch Bush &
Joseph P. Folger

Mediating Child Custody Disputes

Donald T. Saposnek

The Making of a Mediator

Michael Lang &
Allison Taylor

Your Divorce Advisor

Diana Mercer, JD &
Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD

Bringing Peace Into The Room

Daniel Bowling &
David Hoffman

A History Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Jerome Barrett

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