Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Certified Family Law Specialist

Selected Publications by Forrest S. Mosten

Selected Publications of Forrest S. Mosten (May 2018)


  • Building a Successful Collaborative Practice (with Adam Cordover).
    ABA Book Publishing (October,2018).
  • Family Lawyer's Guide to Unbundling Legal Services (with Elizabeth Potter Scully).
    ABA Book Publishing (2017).
  • The Complete Guide to Mediation (with Elizabeth Potter Scully).
    2nd ed. ABA Book Publishing (2015). Prior Edition, 1st: 1997
  • Collaborative Divorce Handbook: Helping Families Without Going to Court.
    Jossey-Bass (2009).
  • Mediation Career Guide: A Strategic Approach to Building a Successful Practice.
    Jossey-Bass (2001).
  • Unbundling Legal Services: A Guide to Delivering Legal Services à la Carte.
    American Bar Association, Law Practice Management Section (2000).

Articles and Chapters

  • Educating The New Lawyer: Teaching Lawyers to Offer Unbundling and Other Client Centric Services,
    Dickinson Law Review (July 2018) Read Full Article
  • Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Family Law (with Lara Traum),
    Hostra Law Review (July 2018) Read Full Article
  • Representing Clients in Family Mediation,
    Los Angeles County Bar Symposium Book (2018)
  • The Family Lawyer's Role in Preventive Legal and Conflict Wellness (with Lara Traum),
    55 Family Court Review 26 (2017).
  • Working with Your Spouse’s Lawyer,
    ABA Family Law Advocate
  • It Takes a Village: Using Seniors to Help Divorcing Families (with Lara Traum),
    17 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 767 (2016).
  • Representing Clients Effectively in Family Mediation (with Elizabeth Potter Scully),
    Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
    (Summer, 2016)
  • Late Nights and Cancellation Rights (with Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis and Elizabeth Potter Scully),
    California State Bar Family Law News (2016)
  • The Future of Mediation: 20 Predictions for 2030, (2015)
  • The Uncertainty of Mediation Confidentiality in California (with Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis and Elizabeth Potter Scully),
    California AFCC News, (2015)
  • Unbundled Legal Services to Enhance Peacemaking,
    Family Court Review
    (July 2015)
  • Mediator Settlement Proposals,
    Association for Conflict Resolution Commercial Section Newsletter
    (Summer, 2015)
  • Unbundle Your Law Practice,
    Association of Family and Conciliation Courts News
    (April 2015)
  • The Lawyer as Collaborative and Preventive Peacemaker, Reinventing the Practice of Law,
    In Herrera, Innovations in the Practice of Law
    (ABA, 2014)
  • Beyond Mediation Toward Peacemaking.
    Association for Conflict Resolution Magazine
    (Fall, 2014)
  • Unbundling in 2014: Recommendations for the Courts
    ABA Judge’s Journal
    (Winter, 2014)
  • Unbundled Legal Services Today–and Predictions for the Future
    ABA Family Law Advocate
    Vol. 35, No. 2, Fall 2012, p. 14-21 Read Full Article
  • Using Mediation Stories to Improve the Teaching of Conflict Resolution,
    34 Cardozo Law Review 2455 (2013). Full Text
  • Family Lawyering: Past, Present and Future (with John Lande)
    Family Court Review (2013)
  • Tips for Lawyers Using Mediation for Their Own Personal Disputes
    Los Angeles Daily Journal
    , May 16, 2012 Read Full Article
  • Unbundled Legal Services Today – And Predictions for the Future,
    Family Advocate 14 (2012).
  • The Future of Collaborative Practice: A Vision for 2030,
    Family Court Review 282 (2011).
  • Guest Editor's Introduction,
    Family Court Review 211 (2011).
  • Confidentiality in Mediation,
    California Lawyer 32 (2011).
  • Confidential Mini Child-custody Evaluations: Another ADR Option,
    Family Law Quarterly 119 (2011).
  • Editor's Introduction to Family Court Review's Special Issue on Collaborative Practice
    Family Court Review, No. 2, April 2011, p.211
  • Future of Collaborative Practice: Vision for 2030
  • Disputant Autonomy and Power Imbalance (with Bill Eddy)
    Waldman, Legal Ethics (2011)
  • Collaborative Lawyers' Duties to Screen the Appropriateness of Collaborative Law and Obtain Clients' Informed Consent to Use Collaborative Law (with John Lande),
    Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution 347 (2010).
  • Building a Successful Law Practice Without Ever Going to Court (Forrest S. Mosten, GPSOLO),
    The Best Articles Published by the ABA (Sept. 2010) Read Full Article
  • Before You Take a Collaborative Law Case: What the Ethical Rules Say about Conflicts of Interest, Client Screening, and Informed Consent (with John Lande)
    Family Advocate 31 (2010).
  • Lawyer as Peacemaker: Ethical and Innovative Practice Roles,
    Family Law Quarterly 489 (2009).
  • The Uniform Collaborative Law Act's Contribution To Informed Client Decision Making In Choosing A Dispute Resolution Process (with John Lande),
    Hofstra Law Review 611 (2009).
  • Introduction,
    2009 ACResolution Magazine 3-5 (Spring 2009). Special Issue.
  • Marketing Our Practices,
    2009 ACResolution Magazine 3-5 (Spring 2009).
  • Collaborative Law Practice: An Unbundled Approach to Informed Client Decision Making,
    Journal of Dispute Resolution 163 (2008).
  • Unbundling Legal Services to Help Divorcing Families, in Innovations in Family Law Practice
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  • Secrets to Successful Mediation Practice,
    ABA Dispute Resolution Just Resolutions
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  • Where to Locate Your Mediation Practice,
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  • The Path of the Peacemaker: A Mediator's Guide to Peacemaking,
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  • Advanced Mediator Moves (with D. Mercer),
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  • Intake Should Be Your Primary Marketing Strategy,
    Just Resolutions
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  • Using Your Duty to Inform as a Marketing Tool
  • Institutionalization of Mediation,
    Family Court Review 292 (2004).
  • Unbundling Legal Services: Servicing Clients Within Their Ability to Pay,
    American Bar Association Judge's Journal
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  • Peacemaking Can Be Your Day Job,
    SPIDR Newsletter 1 (2000).
  • The Lawyer's Role During Agreement-Making,
    American Journal of Family Law 13 (1997).
  • Emerging Roles of the Family Lawyer: A Challenge for the Courts,
    Family and Conciliation Court Review 213 (1995).
  • Unbundled Legal Services in Mediation,
    ADR Report
    (Nov. 1999).
  • Unbundling Your Mediation Services,
    ADR Report 3-6 (1999).
  • Operating a Profitable Mediation Practice.
    Mosten Mediation Training
  • Recent Developments in Mediation,
    LACBA News and Review of Los Angeles County Bar Association Family Law Section
    16-18 (Summer 1998b).
  • Written Mediation Agreements and Settlement Stipulations,
    DRS Newsletter
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  • Our Own Communication Is Important Too (with J. Kichaven),
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  • Eleven Questions Most Commonly Asked About Mediation,
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  • Mediation in Divorce Cases: Two Views (with P. Gangel-Jacob),
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  • Preventing Future Conflict Through Legal Wellness Check-Ups,
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  • Unbundling Legal Services,
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  • Coaching the Pro Se Litigant,
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  • The Lawyer As Dispute Resolution Manager,
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  • Avoiding Trial in Family Law: ADR Options and Methods,
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  • The Case for a National Legal Health Strategy (with T.H. Gonser),
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  • Mediation and Prevention of Business Disputes,
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  • Mediation Makes Sense: How to Prevent an International Crisis,
    ABA Family Advocate
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  • Confidential Mini-Evaluation,
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  • The Violent Family: Part II Intervention Strategies for the Family Lawyer (with N. Kaser-Boyd),
    Family Law News 4-7 (1992).
  • Lou Brown: Preventive Law and World Harmony,
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  • The Violent Family: Psychological Dynamics and Their Effect on the Lawyer-Client Relationship (with N. Kaser-Boyd),
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  • The Duty to Explore Settlement: Beyond Garris v. Severson,
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  • The Consulting Lawyer in Private Divorce Mediation: Sample Client Retainer Letter and Discussion,
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  • Preventive Planning in the Resolution of Dispute,
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  • The Option of Private Family Law Mediation (with S.E. Wasserstrom),
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  • How to Provide Legal Services to Middle Income Clients Profitably,
    State Bar of California
  • The Role of the Therapist in the Co-Mediation of Divorce: An Exploration by a Lawyer-Therapist Team (with B. Biggs),
    Journal of Divorce 27 (1985).
  • Introduction of Special Issue on Client Counseling,
    Creighton Law Review 1329 (1985).

The Future of Peacemaking and the Legal Profession

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Certified Family Law Specialist
Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California