Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Certified Family Law Specialist

Legal Services

Divorce and Family Mediator, Forrest Woody MostenForrest S. Mosten provides a range of Legal Services designed to settle your matter to best meet your needs in a cost effective manner:

Mr. Mosten does not accept court engagements so that he has every incentive to keep you out of court. If court representation is needed in order to protect your interests, Mr. Mosten will help you find a competent litigator to handle court proceedings.

Woody is also a member of a small team of independent collaborative professionals and mediators serving Southern California.

“Says Forrest S. Woody Mosten of Los Angeles, a strong proponent of mediation, it is a ‘bottom-up’ rather than a ‘bottom-down’ process that allows a divorcing couple to determine more directly the course of their lives.”

Divorce—Mediation Style
American Bar Association Journal, February 1997

“People are much happier when they control their own destiny.”

Forrest S. Mosten
Quoted in Business Week Jan 31, 2000

Client Library

We're proud that our Los Angeles Mediation office is home to the Louis M. Brown Client Library, the world's first law firm library for clients and professional colleagues. This collection is the educational center of our office. Here, you will find a unique library devoted solely to client-oriented resource materials. Books and audiotapes on subjects such as a step-by-step guide to filling out court documents to such related subjects parenting, needs of divorced children, financial planning, negotiation and mediation, purchasing a home and solving credit problems are available for client use.

Helping You if You are Already in Mediation

If you are in mediation with another neutral mediator or are considering mediation, you might benefit from a consultation with Mr. Mosten to help you better understand the mediation process and the legal issues involved in a divorce.

As an expert in mediation, Mr. Mosten will help you decide what to ask for and how to ask for it in negotiations with your spouse. Rather than upsetting the deal, Mr. Mosten views his role as informing you of the benefits and problems of the agreements made in mediation and suggesting tweaks and modifications if necessary, He will also review the final paperwork. If you request, Mr. Mosten can also be present in the mediation session and represent you in a supportive and collaborative manner. 

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Certified Family Law Specialist
Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California