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Divorce and Family Mediator, Forrest Woody MostenForrest S. Mosten provides a range of Legal Services designed to settle your matter to best meet your needs in a cost effective manner:

Mr. Mosten does not accept court engagements so that he has every incentive to keep you out of court. If court representation is needed in order to protect your interests, Mr. Mosten will help you find a competent litigator to handle court proceedings.

Collaborative Legal Representation

Forrest Mosten is recognized internationally as an expert in collaborative legal representation for clients who wish personal, confidential and effective legal help in resolving family issues. He is a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, Alliance for Family Centered Divorce, and is the Advisor to Pasadena Affordable Divorce. He adheres to Collaborative Principles and Guidelines. He also offers training to other Collaborative Lawyers, Mental Health Professionals, and Financial Professionals worldwide — click for more information.

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Interview of Forrest (Woody) Mosten with Brian Edwards of Navigating to Next.

Forrest Woody Mosten’s conversation with Carl Michael Rossi, Moderator of the Yahoo Collaborative Group Listserve

Talking with … Woody Mosten, Part 1 Woody and carl Michael talk about Collaborative Practice as a Consumer Service Product, the value of client involvement in designing the support they need from the CP process, the role, if any, sharing personal details and war stories by the professionals and more.

Talking with … Woody Mosten, Part 2  Woody and carl Michael talk about educating the public vs. teaching our colleagues about Collaborative Practice and the depths to which that public education can go, even toward preventing conflict; and Woody shares a bit about his own journey into Peacemaking, how the paradigm shift manifests, and about various expansions to meet clients needs while still remaining focused on peace, including incorporating litigation consultants and talk of potential outcomes in court.

Talking with … Woody Mosten, Part 3 Sometimes even the best intentioned professionals’ Collaborative efforts can deteriorate into basic negotiations. From building an agreement together, things lapse into exchanging proposals. How can we avoid that and what can we do to return if it happens? This is the question that guest Billie Grissom brings as we continue our conversation with Woody. Deferral to the needs of the client, our own personal growth, the indispensable value of our CP ‘group’ are among the topics embraced in connection with her question. We even meet Woody’s “Dispute Resolution Assistant” Rebecca.

Talking with … Woody Mosten, Part 4 Guest Stacey Langenbahn has stepped out of her comfort zone big time. She is offering Mediation services in a way that is uncommon on her home turf. We discuss the elements of Collaborative Practice that contributed to her step. And along the way, a little bit about the challenges of ‘standing out’.

Talking with … Woody Mosten, Part 5 How does a new trainee break into Collaborative Practice? How do Collaborative Practice and Mediation ‘relate’? Is one necessary or sufficient for the other? These questions are at the center of our discussion today.

Talking with … Woody Mosten, Part 6 “I’m ‘collaborative’ and you’re not.” How do we work then that comes up? What does it mean? These questions are at the center of our discussion today. We first cover the situation of one professional not having received even Basic Collaborative Practice training. We talk as well about the role Practice Groups can play here. And we found that this is a topic that will likely carry us through several sessions. Later in the conversation we also talked about how that interplays with the differing challenges facing the members of each profession approaching Collaborative Practice.

Talking with … Woody Mosten, Part 7 What skills and attitudes are involved in being a Collaborative Practice professional? In being a ‘peacemaker’? How do we work with others who might have ‘slipped’ from their best attitudes and skills?

Advising and Representing You…

if you are in mediation with another neutral mediator

If you are already in mediation or considering mediation, you might benefit from a consultation with Mr. Mosten to help you better understand the mediation process and  the legal issues involved in a divorce. As an expert in mediation, Mr. Mosten will help you decide what to ask for and how to ask for it in negotiations with your spouse. Rather than upsetting the deal, Mr. Mosten views his role as informing you of the benefits and problems of the agreements made in mediation and suggesting tweaks and modifications if necessary, He will also review the final paperwork. If you request, Mr. Mosten can also be present in the mediation session and represent you in a supportive and collaborative manner. 

Divorce Attorney, Forrest MostenLegal Coaching

Known as “The Father of Unbundling,” Forrest S. Mosten has been credited with inventing this concept for delivering discrete task legal services. In a 1993 keynote address, Woody introduced the concept of unbundled legal services. Following that presentation, Woody has written articles and a book, Unbundling Legal Services. Woody has led this movement in increasing legal access and family law reform by serving as a featured speaker on unbundling in programs throughout the United States and the world and has trained and consulted with bar associations throughout the world.

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Legal Prevention and Wellness

Forrest S. Mosten can help you assess your current legal health to prevent or minimize legal troubles in your life. Complete our legal wellness check-up and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Personal Legal Wellness Check-up

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